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Welcome to The Clarus Networks Group - The Future of Connectivity

High-speed, low-latency connectivity, anywhere in the world.

The Clarus Networks Group offers an extensive portfolio of specialist connectivity solutions, tailored to keep your workforce in touch and online 24/7.

We harness the power of major satcoms and telecoms networks, combined with state-of-the-art technology, to provide the best possible communications coverage for each site and project, including in remote areas where terrestrial signals are poor or non-existent.

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Unrivalled quality of service

Jan Eide
Jan EideHead of IT
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At Stödig Ship Management we are very pleased with the supplies and support from Clarus. During steady operation there is more that matters - we all want it to be hassle-free. What most maritime Starlink early-adopters like ourselves quickly noticed is the need for proper insight in the data consumption and technical status of the systems. As time passes, we get to see many solutions from many suppliers. It is becoming clear that there is a top shelf for Starlink customer portals, and the Clarus Networks Group are definitely there. A good support function is good, not having to call them is better. Well done!
Alex Fletcher
Alex FletcherIT Manager, Story
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“By working with Clarus, Starlink has helped to revolutionise our construction operations. The introduction of this groundbreaking satellite internet service has overcome our connectivity challenges in remote construction projects, significantly improving productivity and communication.
Hughes Subsea
Hughes Subsea
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“Starlink Maritime has vastly improved the efficiency of our offshore internet speeds by a factor of approximately 250-300x. Hughes Subsea is dedicated to being early adopters of the latest technological innovations to increase productivity and remain at the forefront of the competition within the offshore renewable and oil and gas sectors.”
Phil Pearse
Phil PearseIT Network and Telecoms Manager
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Boost Pro Systems’ technical staff demonstrated a rich depth of technical knowledge and experience. Installation and communication with Trust’s IT and medical staff was carried out without issue – I was very happy with all aspects of this project. Both clinical staff and patients within the A&E department will benefit enormously from this now improved mobile signal coverage/performance.”
Daniel Blackman
Daniel BlackmanIT Director
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McLaren Construction has been able to deliver increased internet performance to our construction projects through the use of Starlink technologies. Providing internet capacity to handle large volumes of data created and consumed by the latest digital technologies. Clarus Networks has been fundamental to the success of this internet connectivity method; delivering expertise, support and an agile approach to meet the most stringent of timescales. We look forward to developing our partnership, and the adoption of modern connectivity technologies which will continue to evolve at a rapid rate.
Gary Smith
Gary SmithIT Support
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Clarus currently supply services to several hundred sites across the group including 4G, Satellite Broadband. fibre, phone lines and SIP. They understand the extensive scale of our business and the need for reliable telecommunication services and support which they deliver expertly.
Paul Sutherland
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Clarus have offered reliable connectivity on every site through the provision of 4G and satellite broadband services. They have integrated the connection with remote network monitoring equipment that allows us to manage all of our sites from our head office to ensure constant connectivity is being received by our site teams. We wouldn’t look anywhere else, they have played an integral role in the success of our projects.
Bergthor Lund
Bergthor LundProject Manager
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We didn’t know there was a solution to our poor mobile signal until we met Clarus. Since installation the productivity of our workforce has improved exponentially.
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Our Solutions

Everything you need to connect your workforce and customers.

Our expert project managers and telecommunication engineers will consult with your site team to design, install and maintain the best best connectivity solution for your project, whether centrally or remotely located.


The world's first and largest low Earth orbit satellite service, delivering high speed internet to even the most remote locations.

Cellular Coverage

Improve mobile connectivity for your building with our repeater, small cell, and DAS solutions.

Bonded Connectivity

By combining the power of multiple networks - including cellular, satellite, and fibre - with advanced bandwidth aggregation and intelligent failover, our specialised bonding router delivers the most resilient connection possible. 


As a leading OneWeb distribution partner, we deliver high-speed, low latency connectivity for our clients, whether it’s on land, at sea, or in the air.

4G LTE / 5G Internet

A fully managed equipment hire service that includes high-powered routers, antennas, and cabling for your site.

Private Mobile Networks

Private LTE and 5G technology enable enterprises a more cost-effective, higher quality wireless data connectivity option

Fully Managed Wireless Solutions. Anywhere

High-speed connectivity, no matter the location

🗸 Up to 10 Gigabit speeds

🗸 Supports thousands of devices

🗸 Unrivalled quality of service and network resilience

🗸 Secure, localised data management

🗸 Carrier-grade, end to end encryption

🗸 Suited for mission-critical IT systems

🗸 Extensive coverage and unrestricted device choice

🗸 Industry-standard infrastructure

🗸 Ease and speed of deployment

🗸 Lower cost

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Case Study: Skylift UAV

Case Study Skylift UAV Starlink Maritime – Fully Managed Connectivity Skylift UAV – Offshore Drone Connectivity In response to the challenges faced by offshore wind farm operators, The Clarus Networks Group collaborated with Skylift UAV to introduce an innovative solution for autonomous cargo drone delivery. The partnership aimed to address logistical complexities associated with traditional

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Case Study: James Hutton Institute Private 5G Network

Case Study James Hutton Institute Private 5G Network with Starlink Backhaul James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland The James Hutton Institute, positioned at the forefront of agriscience research in Scotland, embarked on a mission to elevate its research capabilities. With operations across multiple sites, including Aberdeen and Dundee, the institute employs over 500 scientists and staff,

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Case Study: Stödig

Case Study Stödig Starlink Maritime – Fully Managed Connectivity Stödig Ship Management With over 50 years of experience, Stödig Ship Management boasts a robust maritime heritage and a proven track record within the industry. Headquartered in Bergen and with additional offices strategically located in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, Stödig seamlessly combines local presence with a

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starlink authorised reseller uk

As an Authorised Starlink Reseller, we can supply high-speed, low-latency connectivity in any country where they have coverage.

By partnering with Clarus, you will have access to a wider range of tariffs than you will see online and a host of additional services and support.