Scalable and Secure Network Management

Clarus Networks introduces the Clarus Nexus platform, a breakthrough in network management designed to cater to the modern enterprise’s need for secure, scalable, and efficient connectivity. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge wireless technologies with the reliability of wired connections, Clarus Nexus offers high-speed, low-latency internet access across all environments. Its software-centric design ensures agility and scalability, moving beyond traditional hardware constraints with cloud-based control and virtualised SD-WAN solutions.

Key features of Clarus Nexus include comprehensive cloud management for deep analytics, remote connectivity support through proprietary frameworks, and robust SD-WAN solutions for bonded connectivity across multiple WAN sources. Tailored to streamline network infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency, Clarus Nexus embodies the future of network management, providing businesses with the tools they need for unparalleled connectivity and control.

Pioneering the Future with Wireless SASE

Secure Access Service Edge

  • A Wireless Aware, Software-First, Workflow-Integrated Platform
  • Optimised for Unmatched Performance and Stability Across Wireless Connections of Any Speed and Latency
  • Advanced Integration with Multi-terminal Starlink
  • Bandwidth Bonding across Multi-terminal Starlink / LEO and 5G Networks

Advanced Security Measures

Implementing Zero Trust Network Access for Enhanced Security

Seamless Compatibility

Ensuring Seamless Compatibility with Legacy VSAT Systems

Wireless Proficiency

The Clarus Nexus platform  effortlessly closes the gap between cutting-edge wireless technologies and the reliability of wired connections, delivering high-speed, low-latency connectivity with unmatched performance and dependability in any setting.

The convergence of 5G and Starlink technologies is quickly reaching parity with traditional wired networks, heralding a new age of high-speed internet access for remote locations. With native interfaces, sophisticated bandwidth bonding, and detailed usage insights, adopting these innovative technologies through Clarus Networks’ Wireless SASE has become more accessible than ever.

Software-Centric Vision

The future of network management is no longer confined to hardware or specific environments. Clarus Networks’ software-centric philosophy fuels innovation, transforming networks into agile, scalable, and future-proof systems that extend beyond the conventional network hardware. Cloud-based control and virtualised SD-WAN solutions are complemented by available turn-key hardware, offering a versatile, truly software-defined solution.

Unified Management Approach

The advantages of unified management are immediately apparent. Rapid deployment, extensive troubleshooting capabilities, and tailor-made reporting options significantly boost productivity while reducing resource requirements.

Simplify, enhance, and revolutionise the network management experience with a comprehensive dashboard offering organisational hierarchy, access controls, and timely alerts for security threats and usage limits – strategies that streamline network infrastructure and focus on delivering impactful results to enhance operational efficiency.

Explore Our Innovations

Cloud Control

Full-featured SASE cloud management with comprehensive analytics for all network nodes, equipped with streamlined tools designed for intricate organisational structures.

Remote Access

Easier support for connections from remote workers and seamless connectivity for network participants utilising Clarus Nexus' proprietary Agent and Konnect frameworks.


Flexibility on the Nexus or in the office, Clarus NexusOS provides robust bonded connectivity across multiple WAN sources, connecting locations through dedicated hardware or virtual machines.


Enhanced Connectivity and Bandwidth Optimisation

Clarus Nexus leverages advanced bonding techniques at both remote and core sites, optimising bandwidth and reliability. This ensures high-speed, stable connections across all site environments, from remote locations with Starlink to urban sites with fiber access.


Comprehensive Cloud Management

The solution offers centralised cloud management, enabling easy access, control, and management of cloud services. This simplifies the oversight of the entire network infrastructure, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

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Diverse Connectivity Solutions

For remote sites, Clarus Nexus provides a combination of Starlink and cellular connectivity, offering redundancy and unmatched reliability. This diversity in connectivity options guarantees uninterrupted communication and operational effectiveness.


Security and Compliance

Clarus Networks emphasises cybersecurity, incorporating services like Deep Packet Inspection, Content Filtering, Firewalls with Intrusion Protection, and a Secure Web Gateway.


Zero Trust Network Access

Implementing a “never trust, always verify” model, Clarus Nexus requires strict authentication before granting network access, enhancing security and protecting sensitive data.

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Guest WiFi with Advanced Features

Clarus Nexus offers a secure and isolated Guest WiFi network, ensuring a seamless experience for guests while maintaining network integrity. The recommended Captive Access Network Portal facilitates easy self-sign-up and bandwidth management.


Future-Proof Scalability

Designed for scalability, Clarus Nexus can adapt to future growth, supporting the integration of additional remote networks and systems into the management framework for comprehensive monitoring and control.

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Versatile Mobile Connectivity

The Clarus NexusAscent Modem, an optional add-on, provides sophisticated control over connections, combining bandwidths for 5G connectivity with 4G/LTE backup, ensuring high data throughput across multiple operating systems.

Discover Unmatched Connectivity with Clarus Nexus

Elevate Your Network Management Game with the Ultimate Suite of Tools for Seamless Remote Connectivity.

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