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Department for Eduction Pilot Scheme

The Department for Education in England is dedicated to providing a high-quality education system that ensures every child and young person reaches their potential. To support this mission, they have initiated a pilot scheme to enhance internet connectivity in schools, focusing on improving the learning and administrative environment for both pupils and staff.


UK School Statistics

1 K+
0 m+
full time teachers
550 k+

The Challenge

Many schools in the UK suffer from poor internet connectivity, directly impacting both staff and pupils. For pupils, a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial for accessing a wide range of online educational resources such as interactive learning platforms, educational videos, and e-books. For staff, improved internet connectivity enhances communication channels among teachers, parents, and administrators, streamlines administrative tasks, and supports online management systems for attendance, grades, and records, making the school run more efficiently.

To address these issues, the Department for Education, in collaboration with Clarus Networks, selected seven schools in England for a pilot scheme. These schools needed a reliable and high-speed internet solution that could be deployed quickly and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

The Solution

Clarus Networks partnered with the Department for Education and primary schools to address these challenges head-on by installing our advanced HP Starlink as the primary source of internet connectivity. This initiative aimed not only to upgrade internet access but also to future-proof educational resources and communication methods across these institutions.

Implementation Process:

  • Site Analysis: Clarus engineers conducted detailed surveys at each school to determine optimal installation sites for the Starlink antennas, ensuring maximum signal quality and internet speed.
  • Integration: The Starlink Business solution was integrated seamlessly with existing networking infrastructures at each school, providing a robust and reliable connectivity solution.

Key Features of Starlink Business in Education:

  • Service Availability: Consistent internet access with an uptime of ≥99%.
  • Performance: Low latency (20-40ms) and high throughput, with speeds up to 350mbps download and 40mbps upload, rivalling fibre connections.
  • Rapid Deployment: Quick and easy installation processes, minimizing disruptions to school activities.
  • Scalability: Ready capability for future expansion as more schools are incorporated into the program.

The Results

The implementation of the Starlink Business solution in the pilot schools is already having a significant impact, and will yield many positive outcomes in the near future:

High-speed, low-latency internet connectivity in each school, facilitating better access to educational resources for pupils.

Internet speeds that far outperform previous connections, ensuring smooth and efficient use of online platforms and resources.

Improved communication between teachers, parents, and administrators through enhanced email, school websites, and educational portals.

Streamlined administrative processes, with online management systems for attendance, grades, and records simplifying administrative tasks and improving efficiency.

✓ Better overall school performance, with both staff and pupils benefiting from a more connected and resource-rich environment.

Following the success of this pilot scheme, the Department for Education is looking to roll out the Starlink Business solution across more schools in the UK, aiming to provide a robust and reliable internet connection to enhance educational outcomes on a larger scale.


Clarus Networks’ implementation of the Starlink Business solution in partnership with the Department for Education exemplifies a successful endeavor to bridge the digital divide in education. By providing high-speed, reliable internet connectivity, we are not only enhancing current educational practices but also paving the way for future innovations in the sector. The pilot scheme’s success heralds a promising future for the integration of technology in education, with the potential to expand this initiative to every school in England.

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