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Starlink Maritime – Fully Managed Connectivity

Stödig Ship Management

With over 50 years of experience, Stödig Ship Management boasts a robust maritime heritage and a proven track record within the industry. Headquartered in Bergen and with additional offices strategically located in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, Stödig seamlessly combines local presence with a global reach, facilitated by a longstanding partnership with Columbia Ship Management. The company has garnered extensive expertise in managing vessels across various demanding segments in global trade, placing a specific emphasis on the chemical tanker, SOV/W2W, and general cargo/ro-ro sectors. Renowned for its specialisation in tailor-made, hands-on ship management, Stödig is at the forefront of digitalisation and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices, ensuring optimal vessel performance and stringent compliance with industry standards.

Attribution: Stödig

“At Stödig Ship Management we are very pleased with the supplies and support from Clarus. During steady operation there is more that matters – we all want it to be hassle-free. What most maritime Starlink early-adopters like ourselves quickly noticed is the need for proper insight in the data consumption and technical status of the systems. As time passes, we get to see many solutions from many suppliers. It is becoming clear that there is a top shelf for Starlink customer portals, and the Clarus Networks Group are definitely there. A good support function is good, not having to call them is better. Well done!”

Jan Eide, Head of Information Technology

The Challenge

Stödig Ship Management faced significant hurdles in achieving seamless communication between its vessels and onshore teams due to limitations in existing Vsat technology. The need for higher speeds, increased reliability, and expanded coverage led to the exploration of Starlink Maritime as a potential solution. The challenge was to implement this cutting-edge technology on multiple vessels, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to operational demands.

Stödig, as pioneers in innovation and sustainability at sea, turned to Clarus for a solution.

Attribution: Stödig

The Solution

Recognising the unique demands of Stödig’s maritime operations, Clarus engineers undertook a comprehensive survey on board the vessels to strategically position and design the supporting infrastructure.

The Starlink Maritime solution deployed features:

  • Flat High Performance Starlink Antennas – designed to withstand extreme cold, heat, hail, sleet, heavy rain, and gale-force winds, ensuring that connectivity can be delivered even in the most remote, challenging environments.
  • Up to 220Mbps download / 40Mbps upload at sea
  • Latency of 20-99ms

The Results

✓ This state-of-the-art technology has facilitated swifter and more effective data transfer between the vessels and shore, achieving transfer speeds up to 300 times faster than conventional VSAT.

✓ The seamless transfer of bandwidth-intensive data enhances the overall communication capabilities of the ships.

✓ Furthermore, the increased bandwidth will enhance crew welfare by delivering a more robust and stable connection, enabling better communication with those onshore.

The successful deployment of Starlink Maritime on Stödig vessels showcases The Clarus Networks Group’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of maritime connectivity, providing first-class facilities for business and welfare needs onboard, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for the shipping industry.

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