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As your Authorised Starlink Reseller, we offer a host of added services and features to ensure the most effective, enterprise-grade solution is delivered on land or at sea, across the globe.


Redefining Onboard Train Connectivity

Discover unparalleled onboard train internet access with Starlink, the leading satellite internet technology. Our service ensures high-speed, low-latency connectivity for passengers and rail operators, enhancing communication, safety, and the overall travel experience. Starlink’s advanced network supports real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and innovative passenger services, setting a new standard in rail industry connectivity. 

Embrace the future of rail travel with reliable, fast internet access in any location, revolutionizing how passengers connect and experience journeys.

Enhanced Experience

The integration of Starlink’s satellite internet service with rail networks globally revolutionizes connectivity within the industry. By leveraging a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, Starlink ensures consistent, high-speed internet access for train operators and passengers alike. 

This seamless communication infrastructure facilitates real-time data transmission, enabling efficient communication between train operators, remote monitoring of trains, and the provision of high-speed internet access to passengers throughout their journeys. 

Whether traversing urban landscapes or remote regions, Starlink’s connectivity enhancement ensures uninterrupted communication and data transmission, enhancing operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Real-Time Monitoring And Predictive Maintenance

Starlink’s role extends beyond connectivity to facilitate real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of rail assets, addressing a critical industry challenge. Equipped with sensors and connected to the Starlink network, trains transmit vital data regarding their health status, including engine performance, wheel condition, and brake efficiency.

This continuous data stream empowers rail operators with actionable insights, enabling proactive maintenance strategies to minimize downtime and optimize operational efficiency. By preemptively addressing potential issues, such as equipment failures or maintenance needs, Starlink enables rail operators to maintain service reliability, enhance safety, and reduce operational costs.

Improved Safety Measures:

Safety is paramount in the rail industry, and Starlink’s capabilities significantly contribute to enhancing safety measures across rail networks. Leveraging its high-speed connectivity and robust data transmission capabilities, Starlink enables the implementation of advanced safety systems onboard trains. Starlink ensures reliable communication channels for train crews, particularly in remote or underserved areas where terrestrial networks may be limited. This constant connectivity enables swift response to emergencies, coordination with control centers, and timely dissemination of critical information to enhance overall safety for both passengers and crew members.

Additionally, Starlink supports the implementation of passenger-centric safety measures, such as onboard passenger information systems. Real-time updates about schedules, delays, connections, and emergency procedures are delivered to passengers’ devices, ensuring informed decision-making and a heightened sense of security during their journey. By enhancing safety measures across the board, Starlink contributes to a safer and more reliable rail travel experience for all stakeholders involved.

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starlink authorised reseller uk

As an Authorised Starlink Reseller, we can supply high-speed, low-latency connectivity in any country where they have coverage.

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