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How can 5G be used to modernise construction site operations?

As 5G is being adopted by and benefiting sectors such as logistics, agriculture, and manufacturing, we are starting to see its application move into construction sites. This fifth generation of mobile networks is paving the way for a new generation of construction technologies, bringing huge leaps in productivity, safety, cost reduction and quality control. Considering …

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What is Private 5G?

With 5G infrastructure now being widely rolled out across the UK, many organisations are now leveraging the power of 5G in replacing traditional local area networks. In this article, we discuss the major advantages for the commercial use of 5G for private 5G networks, including increased bandwidth, network security and the ease and speed of …

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What is Private LTE?

A definition of Private LTE Private LTE is a network set up specifically to serve an organisation, for example a manufacturing facility, warehouse or energy plant, where IoT and automation is central to business operations. This limits network access to only authorised users of that organisation. The organisation has complete control of where in the …

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A Guide to DAS Solutions

Every building has its own individual challenges which will affect the design and installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution. Before a DAS can be designed for your premises, a site survey is required to learn about the location and building-specific factors which will influence the final DAS solution. Factors include: Size of the …

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The importance of 4G coverage for the public sector

4G has become an important part of all our lives – it is something that we rely on when we are commuting, travelling, shopping and communicating with friends and family. Whilst 4G coverage is important in most places, there are locations where it is quite simply essential. This is true in the public sector and, …

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