How Starlink is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

Starlink provides reliable, fast, and cost-effective satellite internet to oil and gas companies around the world, providing a strong technological foundation for deploying other communication technologies, including private 5G networks, to create an unrivaled, high-speed, low-latency connection.

Oil and gas companies have many resources that need to be managed 24/7. This is only possible with a secure, fast, and reliable communication service that is available everywhere in the world. This is especially important for a sector that has many remote facilities spread around the globe. Unfortunately, for remote internet access, many companies must rely on geostationary (GEO) internet services that are often limited, slow, and expensive. Using such internet services not only slows down operations, but they are also costly to deploy as well as maintain.

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On a smaller scale, operations on remote oil and gas facilities often use many different networks that lack a unifying foundation, which makes it difficult to drive innovation. Overall, these companies are under pressure to be more productive, improve employee safety, and be more environmentally friendly. While it is improbable that the complicated operations of oil and gas facilities will suddenly stop using a mix of communication technologies, a common technological foundation will help them realise their goals. More importantly, this would enable operators to implement Internet of Things (IoT) use cases that rely on great connectivity, improving communication both onsite and offsite across multiple devices, raising individual and overall productivity.

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation that provides satellite internet access coverage anywhere on Earth. Using Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that fly closer to the earth than “regular” earth observation satellites enables high speed and low latency connectivity (20 to 40ms), demonstrating just a 0.05-second delay on average. This ensures a more stable connection with less interference as communications have a shorter distance to travel, making Starlink far more suited to IoT applications than their geostationary counterparts. Overall, Starlink internet offers unrivaled upload and download speeds, has incomparably less latency, and superior (global) coverage, reducing remote internet access costs dramatically while expanding capability and throughput.

The Clarus Networks Group is one of only a handful of Starlink Authorised Resellers in the world currently. We also provide secure, scalable, and resilient Private LTE and 5G Network solutions for our clients. With Starlink as a backhaul, this hybrid networking combination makes oil and gas companies not only more productive and secure today but gives them the foundation they need to drive innovation and start deploying new technology for IoT use cases, including:

  • Facility management: assessing rig structural integrity
  • Asset maintenance: detect early signs of failures
  • Regulatory compliance: ensuring transparent and up-to-standard operations
  • Hazard management and worker safety: anticipate asset failures and conducive to explosions and oil spills
  • Security and access control: detecting unauthorized access and unintentionally open doors
  • Connect autonomous vessels and undersea exploration

Let us help drive innovation and create operational efficiencies by bringing all streams of oil extraction, transportation, and production together. Contact The Clarus Networks Group today and find out how Starlink and our hybrid networks can benefit your oil and gas solutions.

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