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Our Starlink Backhaul services are designed to provide unparalleled connectivity and flexibility for businesses and organisations across the globe. As the demand for reliable and high-speed internet continues to grow, Starlink Backhaul offers a robust solution to meet these needs, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer for a variety of applications.


Starlink Backhaul

Our Starlink Backhaul services leverage the extensive Starlink satellite network, providing consistent and reliable communication even in the most remote locations. Whether you require high-speed connectivity for fixed installations, mobile units, or maritime operations, our tailored solutions ensure you have the performance and reliability you need.

By integrating advanced Interconnect options and flexible Pooled Data plans, Clarus Networks enables you to optimise your network for maximum efficiency. With Starlink Backhaul, you can scale your data usage at your own pace, avoid overages, and maintain high performance throughout your operations. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of various industries, providing the flexibility and reliability required to support critical business functions.

Starlink Backhaul - Private Network Interconnect (PNI) and Pooled Data Plans

Starlink Interconnect

Starlink Interconnect provides high-speed, low-latency connectivity that integrates seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure. By leveraging Starlink’s extensive satellite network, you can ensure consistent and reliable communication across various locations.


Layer 2 Private Network Interconnect (PNI)

Direct Connections: Establish private network interconnects (PNIs) using Layer 2 VPNs for dedicated, secure connections.

Advanced Features: Support for VLANs, QoS marking, and a 1700-byte MTU.

Optimal Use: Ideal for customers requiring control over routing and QoS, such as MPLS over Starlink. This setup is crucial for applications demanding high security and specific routing protocols.

Non-Internet Transit: Internet transit is not available over Layer 2 networks. For internet access through Starlink, Layer 3 peering is required.

Layer 3 Peering

Bilateral Peering: Establish BGP sessions directly with Starlink for flexible routing to your network or the internet.

IXP Peering: Connect through Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) for cost-effective and flexible peering options, providing access to additional networks and transit providers.

Flexibility: Layer 3 peering offers the flexibility to route traffic directly over Starlink to your network or through the internet, making it ideal for diverse networking needs.

Key Benefits

Redundant Connectivity

Ensure high availability with at least two separate connections to Starlink.

High-Speed Ports

Utilise 100 GE LR4 single mode optical fibre interfaces for robust performance.


Benefit from native IPv6 with dual stack capabilities.

Technical Support

24/7 NOC contact provided by Clarus for critical issue escalation.

Starlink Pooled Data Plans

Our Starlink Pooled Data Plans offer a flexible and efficient way to manage data consumption across multiple User Terminals (UTs). By pooling data, you can ensure high performance and avoid overages or wasted data.


Pooled Data Features

Shared Data Pool: Share data among all terminals in a pool, with data bought upfront and a simple monthly per-UT Terminal Access Charge, applicable only when a UT is active.

Consistent High Performance: Each GB consumed is treated as Priority Data, ensuring reliability and consistency throughout the billing cycle.

Top-Up Flexibility: Low on data? Simply top up your pool, with discounts available for large volume purchases.

Avoid Overages: The pooled approach helps prevent overages or wasted data from outlier User Terminals, optimising overall data usage

Scalability: Scale up at your own pace, paying the Terminal Access Charge monthly only for active terminals. This allows for flexible expansion as your needs grow.

Benefits for Various Applications

Fixed: Ideal for stable, permanent installations requiring consistent data throughput.

Land Mobile: Supports mobile applications with fluctuating data needs, ensuring seamless connectivity on the go.

Maritime: Perfect for maritime environments where connectivity can be challenging, ensuring reliable communication at sea.

Optimised for Backhaul

Starlink Backhaul services are specifically designed to maximise throughput and minimise latency, making them ideal for critical backhaul applications. Key features include:

  • Layer 2 VPNs: Enable Layer 2 VPNs on any Terminal, ensuring privacy and avoiding public internet transit.
  • Improved Latency: Direct traffic handoff at Starlink Points of Presence (PoPs) reduces latency.
  • Throughput Optimisation: Increase end-to-end path MTU to 1700 bytes, enhancing data transfer efficiency.
  • QoS Enablement: Maintain your QoS (DSCP/CoS) markings over Starlink, ensuring prioritised traffic management​.

Starlink Backhaul services, offered by Clarus Networks, provide the reliability, flexibility, and scalability needed for a variety of networking applications. With high-performance interconnect options and flexible data pooling, you can optimise your network for maximum efficiency.

For more information or to get started with Starlink Backhaul, contact Clarus Networks at or call us at 0330 1244 805. Explore the full potential of Starlink with Clarus Networks as your trusted partner.


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