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Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) v Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO)

Are you hearing more about Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and wondering: 1) What are they?2) How do they differ from Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites?3) Could they help with my connectivity issues? In this article, we discuss and explain the key attributes of LEO and GEO satellites and how they compare to one another. Watch …

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Manufacturing in a 5G World

With the evolution of Industry 4.0, the capabilities and possibilities within the manufacturing industry are rapidly expanding. New sensors, machines, and IoT devices are enhancing the advancements in manufacturing but are also placing strain on the current connectivity infrastructure. For manufacturers to maintain their competitive advantage through automation of machines and warehouse operations, improvements need …

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Athonet opens 5G Fintech Hub in London

5G Fintech Lab Launched

We are delighted to announce that we will be supporting the delivery of a new 5G innovation in London, as part of our partnership with cellular technology leaders Athonet. Located in London’s financial district, Athonet’s new fintech lab will support financial institutions, banks, and their technology partners to integrate and leverage the highly secure 5G …

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Private 5G Vs WIFI

What is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi, which is used in a wide range of domestic and commercial settings such as homes, office buildings, and public spaces, is well known for being simple and cost-effective to maintain, with minimal disruption in its deployment. The introduction of the sixth generation Wi-Fi is intended to improve the speed and dependability …

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Accelerating Economic Growth with LEO Connectivity

Connectivity brings together people, businesses, and countries located thousands of miles apart, driving forward changes in the way we work, live, and communicate. There is much more to connectivity than social media communication and video streaming. “The Internet of Things” is pushing business operations to make use of IoT-enabled devices, and leverage data and automation …

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OneWeb LEO internet connectivity for healthcare

Low-Earth Orbits Satellite in Healthcare

Connectivity is essential for managing healthcare – whether it’s for staff computers, IoT devices, machines, or mobile phones. However, particularly in remote and rural areas, access to fast, reliable connectivity has always been problematic. With the rapid digitalisation of healthcare, many providers are now turning to alternative technologies to continue to improve service levels. Traditional …

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Enabling Smart Shipping with LEO

As technology continues to advance, partial and fully autonomous smart ships will soon become a reality, with the Global Autonomous Shipping market currently valued at over six billion dollars (2020). The maritime sector is increasingly turning towards technology to improve all aspects of operations, and to date has only been held back by poor internet …

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Securing connectivity with private networks

There is an ongoing acceleration in the use of digital devices and the need to keep data secure on sites across the UK. With advancements in wireless technologies, there is no longer a heavy reliance on wired connectivity, due to lengthy construction processes and issues surrounding scalability. Instead, reliable, secure wireless connectivity is growing in …

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Achieving Net-Zero With Connectivity

Introduction  Transport emissions are just one piece of the puzzle on the path to Net-Zero, however, to hit this target focus needs to be turned to how the catastrophic emissions associated with transport can be reduced. In 2019, domestic transport alone was accountable for 122 million tons of carbon dioxide (megatons), indicating that transport was …

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