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There is an ongoing acceleration in the use of digital devices and the need to keep data secure on sites across the UK. With advancements in wireless technologies, there is no longer a heavy reliance on wired connectivity, due to lengthy construction processes and issues surrounding scalability. Instead, reliable, secure wireless connectivity is growing in demand due to its rapid installation times, efficiency, and simple scalability of the solutions. Many organisations are now turning to mobile private networks that make use of 4G LTE and 5G technology, to create a fully private, dedicated network, as a key connectivity solution.

Mobile Private Networks

Mobile private networks, as mentioned above, provide a completely secure network that can support businesses and their sensitive data on premises. All data is stored locally, never leaving the network, greatly reducing the risk of cyberattacks. Security policies can also be defined by the network owner, allowing the organisation to control the flow of all data. Due to this, data can be used within the application and environment of their choice and can only be accessed by those selected. Management of the network is cloud-based, further optimising, and simplifying operations.

Private 5G networks offer greater bandwidth than regular Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows the transfer of large amounts of data, between thousands of interconnected devices, with a much lower latency by comparison. This makes it perfectly suited for use of Industry 4.0 innovations such as IoT-enabled devices and M2M operations, which require consistent and real-time communication.

Deploying a private 5G network eliminates the use of extensive structured cabling – not only does this make installation and maintenance easier, but it is also much more cost-effective in comparison to traditional deployments.  Private 5G is used in a number of enterprise environments, particularly those that handle sensitive data such as airports, construction and civil engineering, public safety, financial services, healthcare, and education.

Benefits of a private network:

  • Flexible and scalable connectivity
  • Installed within a matter of days, not months, like other connectivity solutions
  • Can be scaled to support larger areas, more devices and higher capacity
  • Can support a range of deployment sizes
  • Businesses can easily manage their network from the cloud
  • Optimises and automates operations by enabling IoT connectivity

Private Networks On-Site

Internet connectivity on construction and enterprise sites is essential to ensure operations are carried out as efficiently as possible – this includes supporting health and safety, security, employee communication, and M2M applications. Using security as an example, internet connectivity through a private 5G network allows secure access to safety equipment such as CCTV, site access terminals, and remote-controlled vehicles. Other benefits include;

Data analysisAnalysis of operational data collected from sensors, cameras, video surveillance, and infrastructure within the premises.
TrackingTracking workers through PPE-enabled workwear, equipment, stock, and business-critical assets to ensure safety and operational efficiency.
Real-time decisionsAGVs Drones and robots used to receive information and commands can be used for real-time decision-making
Video surveillanceThe collection of video and images can improve safety and avert potential accidents on site.

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