Use Cases

Private LTE & 5G Applications

To improve network mobility, resilience and robustness, many organisations and enterprises are adopting a wireless-first strategy. Private LTE and 5G networks cover a wide range of enterprise and industrial applications, including:


Vital to airport operations, including real-time communication, asset tracking, digital signage and health and safety.

Industry 4.0

Interconnectivity of mission-critical devices, enabling advanced automation, machine learning and real-time data for manufacturing, logistics and related industries. 


5G enables communication, real-time patient monitoring and better management of resources with advanced remote care.

Construction & Utilities

Better health and safety through the interconnectivity of devices (cameras, sensors, drones, vehicle tracking, PPE) across large, remote sites e.g. wind farms.

Smart Buldings

Enable optimal building comfort, equipment reliability and energy management. This includes sensors that monitor doors opening, temperature, energy usage, air quality and CO2 emissions.

Holiday Parks

Traditionally very challenging environments, a private network is much more cost-effective and less disruptive than running fibre lines across the park/resort.

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