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Skylift UAV - Offshore Drone Connectivity

In response to the challenges faced by offshore wind farm operators, The Clarus Networks Group collaborated with Skylift UAV to introduce an innovative solution for autonomous cargo drone delivery. The partnership aimed to address logistical complexities associated with traditional cargo methods and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of offshore wind farm operations. This initiative marked a significant milestone in the industry’s exploration of advanced technologies for offshore energy installations.


Attribution: Skylift UAV

About Starlink Maritime

Mbps download speed at sea
as low as 20-100 ms latency
satellites in orbit as of jan 2024
4000 +

The Challenge

Traditional cargo delivery methods to offshore wind farms posed several challenges, including the need for operational shutdowns during delivery, elevated costs, and environmental impact. Shutting down turbines for cargo transportation incurred significant downtime and financial expenses. Additionally, the reliance on traditional maritime connectivity limited operational flexibility, hindering the industry’s ability to adapt to evolving demands.

“Skylift is proud to be at the forefront of this industry-changing initiative, and we believe that this system can be commercialized in offshore energy installations, with various regions acting as global leaders. Clarus, with Starlink’s Maritime connectivity, has played a pivotal role in making this innovation possible, making it feasible to operate the drones remotely from anywhere, greatly enhancing efficiency and safety. This would quite simply not have been possible with traditional satellite connectivity.”

Harry Getliffe – COO, Skylift

The Solution

The collaborative effort introduced a groundbreaking solution by deploying autonomous giant drones equipped with Starlink Maritime connectivity. This technology allowed for remote operation of the drones from anywhere, eliminating the necessity for operational shutdowns during cargo delivery. The 2.6-meter wingspan ensured the stability and safety of the drones, enabling them to transport payloads of up to 68kg with precision.

Starlink Maritime connectivity played a pivotal role in this solution. Its low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation provides high-speed, low-latency internet connectivity in maritime environments. Unlike traditional satellite connectivity, Starlink’s advanced infrastructure minimizes signal delays and maximizes bandwidth, crucial for real-time communication and control of autonomous systems. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to the overall safety of offshore activities.

The successful collaboration between The Clarus Networks Group, Skylift UAV, and the integration of Starlink Maritime connectivity showcases the potential for innovative technology to redefine industry standards, providing more sustainable and efficient solutions for offshore energy operations.

The Results

Operational Efficiency:

The implementation of autonomous drones with Starlink connectivity resulted in a significant reduction in turbine downtime, enhancing overall operational efficiency for offshore wind farm operators.

Environmental Impact:

By eliminating the need for traditional cargo methods involving multiple trips by ships, the initiative substantially reduced carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to cargo delivery.

Safety and Efficiency:

Personnel working at wind farm sites experienced improved working conditions, as the autonomous drone system eliminated the necessity for turbine shutdowns during cargo delivery, enhancing safety protocols and overall efficiency.

Future Applications:

Beyond offshore wind farms, the technology demonstrated its versatility by promising applications in cargo delivery to sea ports, anchorage points, and potential adoption in industries such as oil and gas.

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