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Fully Managed Site Connectivity

Story Scotland - Ravenscraig West Coast Main Line

With regional offices across England and Scotland, Story is highly respected nationally for providing award-winning rail, plant and construction solutions.

Story Scotland has been awarded the contract to construct the new structure at the Ravenscraig development site as part of a £16M overall programme of works. The contract from Network Rail involves the construction of a new underbridge as part of works to upgrade the road connections between Motherwell and Ravenscraig for North Lanarkshire Council.

Story’s work will comprise constructing the new structure offline and then positioning it below the West Coast Main Line using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) during a 9 day blockade in April 2023. The new structure will allow North Lanarkshire Council to build a brand-new dual carriageway as part of a wider programme to open up the area for future development. This work will commence in June and run through until Summer 2023.

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About Story

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The Challenge

The site suffered from poor 4G connectivity for some time, mainly due to interference from a nearby rail service and overhead power lines. Story required a high-speed, low-latency connection to support the project’s needs. Clarus was therefore approached to implement a network for 40+ users on the construction site – the solution had to provide enough speed and bandwidth to support:

  • CCTV
  • Video conferencing
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) software
  • CAD software’s large upload and download file sizes

“By working with Clarus, Starlink has helped to revolutionise our construction operations. The introduction of this groundbreaking satellite internet service has overcome our connectivity challenges in remote construction projects, significantly improving productivity and communication.

Starlink’s fast speeds have enabled seamless access to critical project management software, cloud-based tools, and real-time collaboration platforms, regardless of location. Our teams can now work efficiently from anywhere, boosting productivity and ensuring timely project completion. The reliability and ease of deployment of Starlink have further enhanced our operations, allowing us to make informed decisions promptly and maintain uninterrupted communication with teams, stakeholders, and clients.

We are grateful for Clarus’ service and look forward to continued innovation in the construction sector.”

Alex Fletcher
I.T. Manager - Story Contracting

The Solution

Clarus engineers conducted a detailed survey to identify the fastest and most stable type of connectivity to meet the project’s demands. 

Due to the location of the site, neither 4G LTE or fibre were viable options, so in this case we designed and installed a Starlink Business Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) Satellite internet solution.

The Results

Maximum possible speeds achieved on-site – up to 350Mbps download / 40Mbps upload

Latency of just 20-40ms

Fully networked site offices, allowing employees to access and share plans, CAD drawings and to collaborate with other colleagues across the company.

Instant communication with Head Office, partners, suppliers, and the community.

Reliable connectivity for 60 security cameras on site 

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